My first boxing match ever - at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base

Essential Boxing Gear

I'm a firm believer that everyone should be able to throw a nice punch.  Welcome to the Boxing Page where the best of the best will be featured.  Boxing is a great way to gently warm up as well as being a high-intensity workout.

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Gel Hand Wraps


These are exceptional with great gel protection and stability.  Essential for the heavy bag.  The #1 choice of many.  Consider this if you prefer a traditional wrap.

Super Bag Gloves


The choice is a good bag glove or arthritis; and this is the best bag glove.  Ringside is unmatched for quality and design (with value as a bonus).

Bag Glove Sizing Chart


Measure loosely and always go a size up if towards the upper end of the sizing range.  The button below is a link to my personal favorite kids' bag glove.

Leather Jump Rope


An exceptional warm-up and for overall fitness.  We all need strong calves.  Leather/ball bearings for the win.  Start slow & easy and jump gently.

Cobra Reflex Bag


This is my personal favorite and is what I have in our basement home gym.  The base is filled with water or sand (go with sand).  

Floor Standing Bag


If you prefer a heavy bag then you will LOVE this.  Moves a little more realistically than a hanging bag.  You fill with 200 lbs. of sand.